Unaddicted FAQs

How long will it take me to quit? 

One second…it’s a decision, not a time frame. However, the process to lock that decision in will take a few months as you get your new habits permanently in place. Quitting, stopping or majorly changing anything is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics; meaning 80% of it is all in your head! The 20% are things you will physically need to do but the “hardest” part is actually the easiest part because it’s a choice. A decision. Just like the decisions you are currently making but the opposite. 

How bad is the withdrawal?

Honestly, does it matter? You do realize people get through the same type of withdrawal you’re about to go through all the time, right? So it’s not as if you are the first person to attempt to accomplish this. I mean, if you truly want to quit you are aware there are going to be an uncomfortable change or two, right? You see, this is part of the self-talk that keeps you from quitting. I am going to use one of my favorite quotes that sums it up perfectly: 

“If you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.” – Jim Roan


Will I be able to function normally during my withdrawal period? 

Of course, this varies from person to person but again, does it matter? The worst of it will only be a couple of days so if you need to take off work and you can, that’s great. But you don’t need to. Personally, Jim didn’t stop doing anything during his withdrawal periods. There will be some days that are more uncomfortable than others but for Jim, those days were nothing compared to the effects that his addictions were having on him every single day. Plus, if you truly want to quit nothing else will matter. 

What does Detox look like exactly? 

This depends on what you are using and how much of it you are using. Replacing old bad habits with new ones is the key here and if it was only that easy Jim wouldn’t be here to kick your ass in the right direction. 

Will this cure my addiction problem forever? 

If you want it to, it will. This will depend on your conviction to your cause and how strong your will and “why” to quit is. How much purpose you give your reason for quitting and sticking with it is all up to you and your self-talk. 

What is the difference between Rehab and Recovery? 

Rehab is generally considered a facility or process whereas Recovery is the eye-opening, life-changing, invigorating process that will keep you off the garbage forever and give you your life back. 

Rehab is the process of restoring your life. 

Recovery is the lifestyle change you need to make this change permanent. 

What if your outpatient program doesn’t work for me? 

Are you already giving yourself an out? It will work if you want it to. Period. 

How much does it cost to work with Jim 1 on 1? 

Maybe a better question is what is the cost of continuing down your current path? Click here for full program details.

From Jim:

My 1 on 1 program starts with an application. I only work with a very small group at any one time since it is all private, confidential, and customized for each individual. It generally consists of higher-level entrepreneurs and CEO types that want their situation kept private and completely out of the public eye. It is a 3-month minimum commitment paid 100% in advance. You’re either all the way in or you’re out and just because you have the money to pay doesn’t mean you’ll be accepted. Our initial, in-person face-to-face meeting will decide that. I promise I won’t waste your time so please don’t waste mine.

The cost of Rehab vs the cost of continued Addiction…

While the cost of rehab may be a deterrent for some people, it is important to keep in mind the many “costs” of addiction.

  • The long-term cost of the product itself. The negative residual cost of it on top of that.
  • Loss of productivity at work.
  • The cost of the long-term effect this has taken on your family and personal relationships. 
  • Legal fines. Money wasted on garbage. 
  • The cost of wasting your life away doing something you no longer want to do but continue to. 
  • Medical bills for physical and or mental health issues associated with addiction (if not now, they will come for sure. It’s imminent if you continue).
  • Addiction “costs” users in other ways too, ranging from the deterioration of relationships to overall unhappiness and poor health.

So, honestly, can you afford to not get help? It doesn’t have to be here with me but you should definitely find a program that works for you. In life, not all personality types are a good fit to work together. That doesn’t make either person a bad person, it just makes them different. However, make sure the program you find has a workout and nutrition element to it. Physical exercise and diet change are critical elements of this process.  

“Anything worth doing isn’t easy and anything easy isn’t worth doing.” 

Never stop growing. Ever. 


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