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Habit Restructuring Program

From Jim Huntzicker:

First off, this is a private and confidential program. We uphold our client’s confidentiality with the highest level of discretion. You are safe here- you have my word.  

This is an addiction recovery program and it’s a 3-month commitment where together we restructure your habits to align with the lifestyle you desire. I will help you eliminate any destructive, addictive, or undesired habit that you want. 

During this process you will remain in your daily life the same as you are now, only you will be removing the undesired habit from the equation. The first 14 days are no doubt the hardest but once you get past that every day gets easier and the clarity you will start to feel is nothing short of amazing. Keeping up with your work and family obligations as usual is how this program is designed. However, if you have the ability and want to take a vacation to check out for the first week or two we can discuss what that should look like. 

Many of my clients come to me to stop the use of alcohol. But I also help people eliminate the use of Prescription Drugs, Marijuana, Nicotine, Caffeine, Processed Sugar, Junk Food, Internet/Social Media/Smartphones, and Food Addiction. It should be noted that these are all addictions that I have personally overcome myself. Of course, there are plenty of other things you can be addicted to. However, I like to stick to what I know best. 

It is best to focus on a single habit you want to eliminate, one at a time. Keeping a centralized focus is extremely important to eliminate the habit for good. What you will find when you are eliminating an unwanted habit is that you will automatically form new, beneficial habits along the way.

What you are after is a lifestyle and really, an identity change. For example, if alcohol is your issue, whether you realize it or not, your identity is a drinker (possibly a big drinker). One of the things I do is help you learn to identify as someone that is a non-drinker. 

And guess what? Nobody cares…well I should say nobody that doesn’t have a drinking problem themselves. It’s funny how that is. When you tell people you don’t drink, the only ones that care are the ones that have a drinking problem themselves and want to bring you down with them. 

Bottom line, if you have an undesired habit that you want to eliminate from your life I can help you. 

I only take on a very small group of 1 on 1 clients two times a year. Usually in Q1 and Q3 is when I open the application process to the public. Many of the people I work with are referred to me, which is why I only open it to the public twice a year. Once registration opens it’s on a first-come, first-serve basis. People work with me because it is completely confidential and nobody finds out about it unless you want them to. Your records and secrets are safe here. It took me over 10 years to talk about my addiction issues publicly after I quit, so I fully get it.

The 3-month program must be paid in full, in advance but has a 100% money-back guarantee. If after following the custom Habit Restructuring Program we create together, you have still not eliminated your undesired habit, I will refund 100% of the program cost back to you. However, this is a nonissue because you WILL achieve your desired outcome if you choose to. Wanting it and having a strong enough ‘why’ is 80% of the battle. What I help you with is the other 20% which is the mechanics that bring it all together. This is a mental game and after working with me you will have the tools to do this over and over with other habits on your own. 

3-Month Program – 100% Money Back Guarantee. Click here to schedule a free Consultation with Jim

The cost of the program must be paid by cash, check, or wire transfer. We do not accept credit cards for this program. If you cannot afford to part with the enrollment fee in cash then this is not the right program for you.

Ongoing support is available after the 3-month program ends if that is something you would like to continue with, but is evaluated on an individual basis.    

If you are not prepared to make some major lifestyle changes please do not apply. If you are, click here, fill out the initial application,for a free consultation with Jim and take a huge step toward getting your life back on track. Remember, it wasn’t always this way. You are just a few weeks away from an entirely new life. Personally, I would love to help you get there. It is what I feel I was put on this earth to do.

Never Stop Growing. Ever. 


P.S. Think about the costs associated with continuing your addiction…is it worth it? How much has it cost you already? Not just money, in your personal life, in your business…

The cost of Rehab vs the cost of continued Addiction

While the cost of rehab may be a deterrent for some people, it is important to keep in mind the many “costs” of addiction.

  • The long-term cost of the product itself and the negative residual cost of it on top of that.
  • Loss of productivity at work.
  • The cost of the long-term effect this has taken on your family and personal relationships. 
  • Legal fines. Money wasted on garbage. 
  • The cost of wasting your life away doing something you no longer want to do but continue to. 
  • Medical bills for physical and or mental health issues associated with addiction (if not now, they will come for sure. It’s imminent if you continue).
  • Addiction “costs” users in other ways too, ranging from the deterioration of relationships to overall unhappiness and poor health.

So, honestly, can you afford not to get help? It doesn’t have to be here with me but you should definitely find a program that works for you. In life, not all personality types are a good fit to work together. That doesn’t make either person a bad person, it just makes them different. However, I sincerely hope you do find a program that is a good fit for you. 

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