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Drug and other addictions that I quit or dramatically change my use of.

– Alcohol

– Cigarettes/Tobacco/Nicotine 

– Vicodin/Narcotics/Prescription Drugs

– Processed Sugar

– Junk Food

– Pop/Soda

– Marijuana

– Coffee/Caffeine 

Behavioral Addictions:

– Workaholic

– Internet – Social Media / Facebook / Smartphone

– Changing Diet

– Food Addictions

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"I'm realizing, a real act of forgiveness for myself for all the choices that I've made that I'm not proud of, that I value those missteps, because they led to some wisdom, which led to something else. You can't have one without the other. I see it as something I'm just now getting my arms around at this time in my life"

Brad Pitt

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